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Amplifying Philanthropy by Investing for Impact

Sep 2018
Thursday, September 20, 2018 -
11:30am to 1:30pm
Dallas, Texas

This complimentary lunch event will explore the ability of private foundations to align financial returns with direct charitable mission and value.

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2014 Council on Foundations - Communfund Study of Investment and Endowments for Private and Community Foundations

Publication date: 
Just released for access by Philanthropy Southwest members only: 2014 Council on Foundations - Commonfund Study of Investment and Endowments for Private and Community Foundations (CCSF)

Investment Impact Plus

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While traditional investment management has focused on maximizing risk-adjusted return, a growing number of forward-thinking philanthropic investors are looking at how to impact social issues through their investments. At the most basic level, these investors might screen their portfolios to avoid certain holdings. Others seek private market investments to achieve both social impact and a financial return. Session Objectives: • Explore the continuum of approaches available to achieve both social impact and a financial return • Discuss fiduciary responsibility, potential performance, due...

Changing the Investment Perspective

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This session will provide an overview of current economic and capital market conditions. There will be emphasis on particular implications for philanthropic asset management and a discussion on which investments address specific concerns and desires in the portfolio including inflation risk, income needs, growth requirements, and volatility control. Presenter: Ron Florance, CFA, Investment Consultant, RMF Consulting, Phoenix, AZ

An Evolution of Perspectives on Portfolio Allocation

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Portfolio construction is no longer a process of simply deciding how much to allocate to different asset classes. As new investment strategies have emerged, blurring the lines defining traditional asset classes, investors have recognized the need to look at their portfolio through different lenses. Today many have moved toward a more comprehensive risk allocation-based approach that considers the role investments play in portfolios, including a more comprehensive assessment of risk and return trade-offs. However, no two approaches are the same, and many different ways of thinking have emerged...