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Philanthropy Southwest's 2016 Giving Study

Philanthropy Southwest's 2016 Giving Study provides everyone in the field - charitable organizations to funders and donors, and state and national leaders - a comprehensive and detailed look at foundations' giving in the seven-state region.

2016 Giving Study of Private and Community Foundations

Philanthropy Southwest's 2016 Giving Study provides a comprehensive and detailed look at philanthropic giving in the southwestern United States. The study details charitable giving, foundations assets, societal issues supported, the increasing number of new foundations and more for private, community and health conversion foundations int he region, with breakout data proveded for each state. This biennial study provides a detailed map that can help like minded philanthropies to connect, learn from one another, and significantly advance thier combined efforts to address challenging societal...

2015 Grantor - Grantee Dialogue: Boards for a New Era

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This is a copy of the presentation from the Grantor - Grantee Dialogue recently held in Houston and co-sponsored with United Way of Greater Houston. Program Overview: Executives and board leaders have long understood that nonprofit governing boards come in many varieties and shapes, and that there is no single design that works for all nonprofits. And yet, we’re often told that there is some single best way to organize and operate our board, and that there are best practices that will guarantee board effectiveness. This interactive program presents an opportunity to learn from recent research...