Wayfarer Leadership Program

Wayfarer Leadership Program


This transformative yearlong program is designed to empower leaders through retreats, group learning, and individual coaching. In collaboration with Becoming, the program leverages cutting-edge tools and skilled facilitators to elevate both seasoned and emerging leaders. The purpose of the cohort is to deepen self awareness and system awareness- enhancing social and creative competencies that nourish best practice for more discerning, compassionate, and resourceful leadership.


Program Highlights:

  • Diverse Tools: Utilize powerful tools such as the Predictive Index and 360 Leadership Circle Profile to create a personalized development plan.
  • Expert Facilitators: Benefit from the guidance of experienced facilitators and ICF registered coaches who are dedicated to your growth.
  • Purposeful Cohort: Foster deep self-awareness and system awareness to enhance your social and creative competencies.


Transformative Experiences:

  • Virtual Coaching Sessions: Engage in six virtual personal development coaching sessions tailored to your growth.
  • Theme-Based Coaching Labs: Participate in three theme-based virtual coaching labs designed to deepen your skills.
  • In-Person Retreats: Immerse yourself in three facilitated weekend retreats at beautiful locations:
    • Pickwell Manor in Georgeham, England
    • Laity Lodge in Leaky, Texas
    • Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico


Renewed Leadership to Tackle Modern Day Challenges:

  • Renewed Individuals: We believe in transforming individuals to shape the communities, initiatives, and organizations our world desperately needs.
  • Discerning Leadership: Develop discerning, compassionate, and resourceful leadership skills that are vital for today's challenges.


We don’t just need renewed ideas – we need renewed people to create and share the communities, initiatives, and organizations’ that our world so desperately needs.


Ready to Start?

The next cohort will run from Spring 2024 to Spring 2025 and cost $15,000 per cohort member.  Take the first step by filling out this interest form.


To learn more and view the frequently asked questions, view the 'Wayfarer' file below.

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