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Value of Membership from PhilanthropySouthwest.


We Cultivate Connections. Philanthropy Southwest brings together philanthropists, foundations and partners, fostering deep relationships to harness the power of a shared passion for social change. With a membership of more than 1,500 foundation trustees and more than 900 foundation staff from +200 grantmaking organizations across the southwest, our base is large enough to provide diversity, and small enough to ensure personalized attention.

We Inspire Excellence. Philanthropy Southwest advances philanthropy as a profession, providing leadership to inspire forward thinking, promote ethical practice, and inform effective grantmaking. Our welcoming environment enables colleagues to comfortably exchange differing ideas, and share timely information, experiences and expertise to advance and achieve their charitable missions.

We Actively Advocate. As the first philanthropy membership association in the United States, we provide strong leadership in affirming the value of philanthropy, promoting integrity, and advocating for a strong third sector. Philanthropy Southwest provides tailored data – including an annual giving study for the region, fosters interaction among the philanthropic, government and corporate sectors, and promotes policy that supports a strong and independent philanthropic sector.

We Serve Members. Philanthropy Southwest’s diverse membership encompasses diverse geographic locations, size and missions, including private, community, operating and corporate foundations, and corporate giving programs. Our dedicated staff deliver an immediate response to members’ needs, provide expert advice on governance and grantmaking issues, and we serve as a rich resource for learning through our extensive Knowledgebase and myriad professional development and networking opportunities.

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Top Ten Reasons for Corporate Foundations and giving programs to become a member

Why you should be a member of Philanthropy Southwest

  • Opportunities for exchanging ideas, experiences and expertise with your peers
  • Dedicated staff who deliver an immediate response to members’ needs
  • Expert advice on governance and grantmaking issues
  • A landscape view of giving by Philanthropy Southwest members
  • Attend professional development opportunities at discounted rates, including our annual conference or one of our upcoming events.