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About Us

Founded in 1949, Philanthropy Southwest is the most enduring association of grantmakers in the United States. Our long history means we know how to provide timely information and connect colleagues across the region to help them thrive and succeed in their work.

Our association includes trustees and staff with foundations in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The region is large enough to provide diversity that inspires forward thinking, and small enough to ensure personalized attention. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment with members who generously help other members, working together toward a better future. Please note, Philanthropy Southwest itself does not make grants.

Mission Statement:

Philanthropy Southwest actively promotes opportunities to exchange ideas, build relationships and advance philanthropic excellence. 

Statement of Principles:

To realize our mission, Philanthropy Southwest is committed to the values that lie at the core of our work:

  • Vision. Provide leadership and inspire forward thinking to strengthen the field of philanthropy
  • Innovation. Embrace and encourage informed risk-taking that courageously advances new ways to achieve our goals
  • Excellence. Advance philanthropy as a profession by seeking out, modeling and promoting effective and responsible philanthropy
  • Connectivity. Bring together philanthropists, foundations and partners, fostering deep relationships to harness the power of a shared passion for social change
  • Inclusivity. Provide a warm welcome to all members, guests, and partners, and ensure a safe environment in which all voices are heard
  • Diversity. Actively seek out and engage individuals and organizations representative of the communities we serve who bring diversity of thought and are willing to work together toward a better future
  • Learning. Mobilize effective philanthropy through the exchange of ideas, experiences, expertise, and data
  • Independence. Affirm the value of philanthropy by promoting integrity, safeguarding donor intent, and advocating for a strong third sector