Texas Child Welfare Funders

Texas Child Welfare Funders

About Texas Child Welfare Funders

Private funders are an important voice in the child welfare system, and the Texas Child Welfare Funders provides a statewide forum for funders to collectively understand the landscape of child welfare and identify ways to partner and invest with one another to benefit children, youth, and families.

Over the past several years, the child welfare system in Texas has experienced significant change, most notably a push toward a Community-Based Care model of service delivery. The guiding motivation behind this reform is for better outcomes for children and youth who go through the foster care system. An even more aspirational goal is preventing them from experiencing substitute care altogether.

Membership & Resources

Texas Child Welfare Funders (TCWF) welcomes funders from every region of Texas that support child welfare causes.

Please fill out our online membership form to join this peer network of funders.

Download the “About TCWF” document at the bottom of this page for a list of our founding members and more information the TCWF. Please contact Membership Chair Amanda Finney if you have questions about TCWF membership.

TCWF is a peer group of Philanthropy Southwest. If you are not a member of Philanthropy Southwest, you can still join the TCWF.

If you are a member of Philanthropy Southwest, you can login by clicking "Member Login" at the top righthand corner of this page. Visit PSW's peer networks page, scroll to the 'subscribe' drop down at the bottom of the page and select ‘TX Child Welfare Funders’.

Click the Resources tab above to access PSW's Online Educational Exchange, where you can search for child welfare related resources.  Use the search term "Texas Child Welfare Funders."  Recent resources appear in the list on the left side of the page.

Thank you for your interest in child welfare in Texas.

Texas Child Welfare Funders Contact Information

Please contact the Steering Committee for more information about Texas Child Welfare Funders.

Christine Gendron
KPG Family Foundation

Vice President
Kristy Robinson
The Hoglund Foundation
Shellie Velasco
The Rees-Jones Foundation
Membership Chair
Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation
Casey Family Programs
PSW Staff Liaison
Mallory Driggers
Philanthropy Southwest
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