Community Foundation Resources

Community Foundation Resources

Below are listed several recent publications or links for community foundations.  You may find other resources as they are added by searching "community foundation" in our resource library.    

Community Foundation Legal Help Desk

The Help Desk is designed to provide community foundations with access to answers to legal questions related the operation of a community foundation.  We all know that our community foundations deal with complex legal issues related to fund management, planned gifts, scholarships, etc. and many do not have easy access to an attorney with expertise in this field.

National Standards

National Standards guide the sound policies and practices that help community foundations achieve results and impact. Hundreds of community foundations proudly display the official National Standards seal that signifies their compliance and distinguishes them as a smart investment for philanthropists.  The website CF Standards has been updated with the new, streamlined standards and process for 2015.    

New Anchor Mission for a New Century

Surveying the community foundation world, the authors of this report identify an emerging trend showing how the promise of economic revitalization is beginning to be realized. First, a growing number of community foundations are leveraging more of their assets for maximum local impact—staff, thought leadership, grantmaking and, most recently, investment strategies—to strengthen their communities’ economies. That is, they are beginning to adopt a powerful anchor mission. Second, that anchor mission is directed toward a new paradigm of economic development, which is community wealth building. Their aim is to create family-supporting jobs, strengthen community-based businesses, and address our nation’s staggering wealth inequalities.

Charitable Rollover IRA Toolkit

The Charitable Rollover IRA is permanent.  What does this mean for Community Foundations?

Mission Investors Exchange Publication featuring 14 case studies

 The “What’s Next for Community Philanthropy” toolkit aims to help community philanthropy organizations apply innovation and design methodologies to think creatively about their business models and the broader future of the field.

National Philanthropic Trust 2015 Donor Advised Fund Report

This report provides an up-to-date analysis of donor advised funds.  It is based on data collected furing the second and third quarters of 2015 about donor advised funds and the charities that operate them in fiscal year 2014. 

Community Foundations Embrace Impact Investing

A small but growing number of community foundations are starting to embrace impact investing in a big way. (Jan 2015, Forbes)

Urban Institute's Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy recently released the results of a survey of community Foundations.  

21st Century Community Foundations

In this "Leadership Series" paper, Emmett Carson, CEO and president of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, provides a thoughtful examination of fundamental questions facing U.S. community foundations today.  

Monitor Institute "What's Next for Community Philanthropy"

The world is changing rapidly.  Inescapable demographic, economic, technological, environmental, and social trends are reshaping our communties and alterin the landscape of philanthropy.  A new initiative from the Monitor Institute encourages community foundations to think creatively about the future, build on the past successes and explore innovative new possibilities.  

Giving Days Playbook: New Approaches to short-term fundraising

Nonprofits need to use a variety of fundraising tools to achieve their fundraising goals.  Giving Days Playbook offers in-depth data and insights on giving days from our recent survey of fundraising directors, staff members, executive directors, and consultants to nonprofits. 

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