Oklahoma City Community Foundation Receives $85M Contribution from Arnall Family Foundation

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Receives $85M Contribution from Arnall Family Foundation

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Sunday, March 14, 2021


March 14, 2021

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Arnall Family Foundation donates $85 million to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Funds will provide grants in the areas of child welfare and criminal justice reform over the next five years. 

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Arnall Family Foundation today announced an $85 million contribution to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, the majority of which will be distributed throughout the state within the next five years through community fundsThe mutually beneficial partnership will leverage the strengths of both organizations to distribute funds efficiently and quickly over the next five years to support transformative systems change.  

The Arnall Community Funds administered through OCCF will provide grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the state that are working to improve outcomes for individuals, children and families involved in the child welfare and criminal justice systems. The OCCF staff will manage the grant administration process and all grantmaking decisions will be made by OCCF Trustees. 

The Arnall Family Foundation has worked with organizations to develop programming and strategic partnerships that create lasting impact and system change since 2015. This partnership will allow the Family Foundation to continue to focus on program development and fostering relationships with partners while benefiting from OCCF’s administrative support and asset management experience. Grantees will also benefit from exposure to OCCF, which could lead to additional opportunities for these organizations to diversify funding.

“The Oklahoma City Community Foundation has more than 50 years of experience in supporting charitable causes in our state and we are proud to partner with them,” said Sue Ann Arnall, founder and president of the Arnall Family Foundation. “As we look forward to the next five years as an organization, we want to expand our impact by quickly deploying resources to the community and OCCF is the ideal partner to help us do that.”


“The Community Foundation is honored to assist the Arnall Family Foundation with their very significant programs and grants to improve the quality of life in the community,” said Nancy Anthony, president of OCCF. “They are addressing some of our greatest challenges and giving opportunity to many individuals who might not have much. We look forward to the partnership and what we can accomplish.”


Since 2015 and prior to this donation to OCCF, the Arnall Family Foundation has donated over $75 million through its strategic investments and innovative partnerships in animal welfare, child welfare and criminal justice reform. The Family Foundation will continue to pursue special projects and innovative, program-aligned grants and will remain dedicated to its philanthropic commitment to the community even after the Arnall Community Funds have been distributed by OCCF.




About the Arnall Family Foundation

Founded in 2015, the Arnall Family Foundation seeks to make lasting, transformative improvements to the systems and programs in Oklahoma that serve children and families involved in the child welfare and criminal justice systems through results-driven investments and strategic convening of community partners. The foundation also invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. For more information visit www.arnallfamilyfoundation.org.

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