Capacity Building

Capacity Building

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The following guest blog post is written by PSW Road Show partners and presenters, Impact City Founder Salah Boukadoum & CEO Jennifer M. Ware.

“How will you support your program in future years?”

January 29, 2020
Member News

Houston, TX - Texas Pride Impact Funds announced that 17 organizations will share $120,000 to support the transformational work of community partner organizations, from smaller cities around Texas including Corpus Christi, Eagle Pass and Lubbock, as well as organizations serving multi-county regions in the urban centers of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Read more.

November 15, 2019
Case Study
Advancing Social Change Through Movement Building, One Relationship at a Time - A Case Study
Marguerite Casey Foundation
November 2019
What is Behind the Persistence of the Racial Wealth Gap? A 2019 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Commentary
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
October 2019
The Economic Impact of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap - An Impact Report
McKinsey & Company
October 2019
Program Resource
Capacity Building 2019 Strategic Plan - Early Learning Alliance
North Texas Community Foundation
October 2019


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