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Tax Compliance Issues Private Foundations Need To Know

Publication date: 
October, 2015
Final Program Session Description:
Using a mocked up 990-PF, this session will review PF tax compliance issues that are reported and highlighted for public inspection and potentially result in penalties to pay on Form 4720.  Attendees will be led through significant parts of the form to share ideas and address negative results certain answers might bring.  They will leave with checklists for compensation of trustees, valuation of assets for pay-out purposes, expense reimbursement and office/personnel sharing policies, and grant documentation procedures to improve tax compliance and fiscal planning for a private foundation.  Attendees will: 
learn how to interpret the interactive information presented on the IRS 990-PF
gain tools to evaluate compliance with PF rules prior to making the grant or paying an expense
consider examples of situations in which prohibited self-dealing does or does not occur
Presenter:  Jody Blazek, Partner, Blazek and Vetterling, Houston, TX
Session Designers:  Katie Alford, Paula Herring